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Home Inspections ... Why and Who are they important to?

BUYERS INSPECTIONS: Why are Home Inspections important to a Buyer? It is very important to know the condition or "material defects" of the property that you are about to purchase to avoid investing in a money pit! A Home Inspection allows Buyers to see a property from the inside out! Now that you have found your piece of paradise a Home Inspection in the next most important step in making a wise investment where real estate is concerned! They are key in making a fully informed decision about your pending purchase.

SELLER INSPECTIONS: Why are home inspections important to a Seller? A Home Inspection gives a Seller an accurate report of the condition or "material defects" of their property and what it will cost to repair any applicable damage or needed maintenance. A Home Appraisal together with a Home Inspection allows a Seller to fairly price their property- helping to sell it quicker and potentially saving themselves a lot of money in the long run.

What should you expect from a Home Inspection? A full disclosure of a properties components including all  heating and cooling systems, interior and exterior plumbing and electrical, the structural condition of the roof, ceiling, walls, doors, flooring, foundation and any and all structural facets of the property in question. In short- a Home Inspection is an inexpensive way to know the exact condition of a property and the exact cost of updating the property to passing a Home Inspection with flying colors!

A Home Inspection will normally take 2-3 hours depending on the size and condition of the inspected property and cost $2.00 USD per square meter. Expect to receive your Home Inspection Reports back within 48 hours depending on the additional pest, radon, mold and/or water reports included.